Midwife Lara

As a mother of three boys, I have become an experience expert as a midwife. Motherhood made me a midwife. How vulnerable you are as a mother, how worried you can be and how all the clich├ęs are true. That realization really took some maternal experience.

My profession treats me to many special moments, big and small. In all these years I continue to be amazed by the primal strength of women and at the warmth and security with which parents welcome their baby so unconditionally and lovingly.

Every day I feel gratitude. That is my common thread through the wonderful profession I have been doing for over 25 years now. In my role as a midwife, I really want to be there for parents.When I can reassure them by using my knowledge and skills, it gives me great satisfaction.

This is me, Lara. Experienced midwife, mother and chocolate lover. A practical doer with a soft side. Caring, honest and thoughtful. As a midwife I remain curious and I hope to be able to accompany and guide many more beautiful pregnancies and deliveries. That’s my wish.

Feel welcome little miracle.