I want to get pregnant

You are considering a pregnancy and hope to become pregnant. How exciting! This means you can stop birth control and start
supplementing folic acid (“Foliumzuur” this will be explained further on).
In general a pregnancy comes naturally. Within one year 80% of all women who wish to have children are pregnant. Still, it can be useful to know about
giving up birth control, fertility and when the timing is best to conceive.

The information below regarding your consideration to have children will help you to start your pregnancy as healthy as possible. The healthier you live now, the greater the chance of a pregnancy and a healthy baby!
If you are interested in a preconception consultation we cordially invite you to make an appointment.
This can be done by telephone: 040-2511417.

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Preconception consultation

Here you will find more information about the preconception consultation.
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Lifestyle and tips

A healthy lifestyle is of course advisable for everyone. If you want to get pregnant, it increases the chance of conceiving and in many cases lowers the chance of a miscarriage. The advice given is intended to help you start a pregnancy as optimal and healthy as possible.
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Useful links

Would you like more information about your desire to have children? The information below may be of further assistance.
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