I am pregnant

Congratulations! You are pregnant!
Pregnancy is often a special time, but it also brings questions and uncertainties. What can you expect?

When expecting in a foreign country everything is new. In the Netherlands, obstetric care is organized in a way that the midwife is always the first caregiver. She identifies whether there are certain risks that require specialist obstetric care. In that case, she will refer you to a gynecologist in the hospital of your choice. Our practice works together with the Máxima Medical Centre (Veldhoven)  and the Catharina Hospital ( Eindhoven).

As long as there are no risk factors, the midwife will be the caregiver during your pregnancy and delivery. Also after the birth, the midwife and the maternity nurse (=kraamverzorgster) will continue to provide medical care at your home.

Therefor we advise you to make an appointment at our office so we can plan the first scan. For this appointment you can call our assistant on 040-2511417 from Monday to Thursday.

If you prefer to register digitally, click here. We will contact you within 3 working days.



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