Midwife Annemiek

For everyone, life has started at some point. We were small, young and vulnerable in our mother’s womb. That moment when your parents see your beating heart for the first time. At that moment I was sitting next to them, I was the one who made the ultrasound.

Time and time again I am aware of all the emotions of that special moment. The moment when your parents saw you, but you hadn’t seen them yet. That moment came later, during the delivery. I was the one who made you cry, sorry for that……

What starts small grows bigger. From baby to toddler, from stubborn teenager to wise adult. An adult reading this and now likely to become a father or mother themself. That’s how life goes, the circle is complete. I am a witness to life every day. As a midwife, as a mother and as a privileged person.

As a midwife, my life is never the same. Consultations, deliveries, emergency consultations, maternity home visits and ultrasounds alternate. I enjoy the dynamics and experience the pure and real emotions that come with expecting and giving birth. This remains very special. For me mutual trust is crucial in this.

As a mother, I know that a pregnancy really doesn’t always have to be beautiful. For example, I had a particularly close relationship with the toilet bowl. Despite the severe nausea and the many inconveniences I was happy from the first moment. How overwhelming it is to be a mother.

I am Annemiek, midwife, mother and human.
For a moment I am part of your life and I am witness to a special moment.

Feel welcome little one.