Midwife Lieke

I love traveling! That is why I am taking you on a journey that is special to me. The journey on the way to motherhood. This journey started very early in my life.

I knew from a young age that sometime in life I wanted to be pregnant. The fact that I would also become a mother was not necessarily my dream at the time. I know, this sounds a bit strange. I’ll explain it to you. That growing belly, that trampling, it seemed lovely! Pregnant women always caught my attention. I think this strong pregnancy wish has sparked my interest for midwifery. So the choice for this rewarding profession was actually very logical. As I got older, the pregnancy wish really became a child wish. More than welcome were the two daughters we were fortunate enough to conceive.

My first delivery started, which suits me perfectly, with a slight delay. I wanted to give birth at home, but at 8 cm dilation the contractions weakened. As a result, I could not escape the dreaded car ride to the hospital. In my memory, panting heavily and hanging from the handle above the car door. Every oncoming car was staring at my peculiar posture and red head, I’m sure! However, according to hubby, this was not too bad. When I arrived at my destination, I was happy that the contraction inducers were doing their job, so our daughter was lying on my chest a little later. This special journey is my most intense experience! You imagine a lot of it, but you only feel how it really is then. That moment, that unconditional love, I grant you that!

As a midwife I get energy from the variation in my profession. No two days are the same. One day my shift has too few hours and the next day I can really take the time to chat during a maternity visit. Sometimes my phone rings all day, on other days it is so quiet that I doubt whether it’s  still working?

I work in a structured, tidy manner and can keep an overview. At home, on the other hand, they find me less tidy…. I am a good listener and I respect others. As a result, women during pregnancy or during birth dare to be vulnerable. Situations in which a real bond develops with a client, are dear to me. In those situations I hope that not my colleague, but I will eventually be able to guide the birth.

A delivery at nighttime is a gift for me. The beginning of a journey in which a child “sees the moonlight” for the first time. It remains special when I drive home in the early morning, listening to music, all the lights in the houses slowly turning on. Nobody knows what a special experience I had that night. That feeling always remains very intense.

Be welcome little one.