Midwife Leni

‘About me?’

Being 1 of a family of 5. Loves to laugh and have fun. Mother of two daughters and a son. Grandmother of four grandchildren. I empathize with my clients. I never say no to “beschuit met muisjes’(a Dutch treat typically served after birth) and now I’m walking along with you.

We know from the past that the medicine women of ancient peoples had the task of guiding the birth process. Traditionally, they took care of the women and their children. They do this with wisdom and knowledge, that’s where the Dutch name midwife comes from. “Vroede vrouw” means “wise woman”.
For a midwife, attention, the time and patience to give this attention and knowledge, are very important. I hope with these intentions to bring out the best in expecting parents. I love it when I can let parents discover their “self-wisdom”.

As a midwife nowadays I know how to navigate between the internet, grand-motherhood and protocols. That is also required of a “wise woman” in these modern times. I see it as a nice extra challenge!

So, I myself come from a family with five children. I am the second and therefore very consciously experienced the birth of my brothers and sisters. Because of this I knew from a very young age that a midwife can contribute a lot. That’s when my fascination with caring for a mother and her baby was born. In my role as a midwife, this fascination translates into many special moments. Again and again I get to be part of one of the most intimate periods in the life of the parents-to-be. Vulnerable and pure, intimate and small. It’s so grateful to be a part of that.

Welcome dear little one, nice that you are here.