Prenatal screening

During pregnancy you can opt for two tests:

  • The prenatal screening for Down, Edwards and Patau syndrome (N.I.P.T or combination test).
  • the 19-20 week ultrasound (S.E.O).

You decide whether you want to have these tests done or not.

During the first ultrasound (around 8 weeks) we will ask if you would like to know more about this screening. If you want to prepare for this conversation?  Detailed information is available on this website.

On this site you will also find a decision aid  to help you make a choice and  there are tips on how to discuss  with your partner whether you want these tests. You can also read stories of women who were also given the choice for testing. You will receive the brochure (below) after your first visit to our practice. If you would like information in advance, you can read it as a PDF file.

Screening for Down-, Edwards- en Patausyndroom (in different languages)








You will receive this leaflet later in pregnancy.

20-week ultrasound (in different languages)