Dear client and partner,

The number of infections with the Coronavirus remains high, but fortunately the symptoms  appear to be mild for most. Fortunately, we also see this among our pregnant women. We are therefore pleased that the COVID measures of the government are loosened and we think that this is also possible within our practice, without endangering each other’s health.

As of the  18th  of February this means:

• you no longer have to come to the check/ultrasound alone. You can bring 1 person. Children are also welcome again. Of course only if they are without health complaints.
• we still ask you to wear a face mask as soon as you enter the practice, but as soon as you are seated the face mask can be removed.
• the rules of the hospital apply when giving birth in the hospital. Possibly that the number of people present at the delivery is limited.
• we will do the intake, if desired, physically again. The option to do it by telephone still remains if that is your preference.
• the home visits after the delivery are resumed again.
• the 3D and gender reveal ultrasounds and can all be made.

 As of the  25th of February this means:

• everyone is welcome, you decide who you to accompany you to the check up/ultrasound. Of course only if they are without health complaints.
• a face mask is no longer necessary in the waiting room or during the checks / ultrasounds.
• keeping a distance of 1.5 meters is no longer necessary.

What remains:

•  you always stay at home if you have symptoms that may be related to COVID. You do a self-test or have yourself tested at the GGD. We will schedule a new appointment after your negative test result, or if desired, a telephone check-up. Always let us know if your test result is positive.
• upon entering the waiting room, please wash your hands.

We are delighted to finally be able to bring this good news again!

Hope to see you soon!

Sincerely, Annemiek, Lara, Lieke, Roos, Kristel, Imke and Nadine.